For those who need it or those who give it; a provision of joy when there seems to be none; a new 
beginning when all hope seems lost; because life is full of blessings in disguise! This blend combines 
lavender, musk with a hint of vanilla which and has a powdery finish that becomes even more lovely 
after it lingers on the skin. (Previously called “Baby Soft”)

For one who gives others something more to reach for; you hold the hands of those you walk beside 
and inspire new possibilities by encouraging them on to better; because life is too short to just stay 
where you are! Combining berries, vanilla, coconut and gardenia, this blend is part floral, part sweet, 
part fruit and is one of our best-sellers with all ages! (Previously called “Bahama Breeze”) 

Always looking to answer the call from your wandering, adventurous spirit; you take life by the 
horns with independence, courage and an ever-present sense of humor; because life would be boring 
without zest! Using only essential oils, we’ve concocted a blend of favorite citrus fruits, lavender and 
ylang-ylang for an uplifting aroma perfect for sensitive noses and skin.

You love deeply and are loved in return; hold onto those moments most dear to your heart and 
cherish the time you share with your loved ones, because life is lived in the moment! We’ve created 
this scent for our Baby Body Milk and Baby Body Butter—for the littlest members of the family. 
Using only pure essential oils for skin most tender, we’ve blended vanilla and tangerine into a gentle 
scent that lingers on skin begging to be kissed!

Exuding kindness, extending grace to all; you smile genuinely, forgive quickly; you easily make friends 
and aren’t embarrassed to show how much you care; because life is a blessing! This is a scent rich 
with vanilla touched by fresh fig, woodsy amber and warm frankincense and leaves an inviting aroma 
on the skin. 

No ego here, but confidence instead; true strength that comes from a willingness to lead with a bold 
heart; you are comfortable being yourself and you know how to speak your mind; because life should 
be wrapped in truth! We’ve blended mint and sage with a dose of clove and lime to create this unisex 
scent perfect for a man or woman who dares to go beyond florals and fruits.

You see life through rose-colored glasses and take life as it comes, enjoying everything to the fullest; 
bringing energy to all you do, you blend sweet and sassy; because life is best lived when you bloom 
where you’re planted! We’ve combined sweet pea and rose with a touch of geranium, and softened it 
with a splash of vanilla for an uplifting floral blend that dares to be more than grandma’s perfume.

An absence of contamination; living life on your terms without the need to succumb to the pressure 
of what everyone else is doing; because each life is unique! As the name indicates, we’ve left this one 
completely unscented, nothing added here . . . perfect for the most sensitive of skin, or those wishing 
to add their own fragrance.

A ready smile, a cheerful countenance, you have a radiance that creates a glow from the inside! You have an easy-going nature and a vacation mind-set; because life is too short to miss out on fun! This fragrance is reminiscent of the tropics, blending coconut and guava fruit, apple blossoms and a hint of pear for a fresh whiff of island adventures, even when your feet aren't sandy.