Using Facial Oil

First allow me a brief disclaimer: I am not a licensed aesthetician or a skin-care expert. 

However, maybe more appropriately, I’m a woman who has struggled through the years with various skin concerns for my face. I’ve been pimply, oily, dry and combination. And now I’m battling to keep the wrinkles at bay! I’ve used drugstore discounts and dermatologists’ finest. It’s not that I haven’t found something I’ve liked; I have. It’s just that I haven’t found something I’m willing to keep paying the price for, whether it be at the checkout counter or at home (staining linens, time-consuming, messy, etc.)

Throughout my journey, I’ve realized that caring for your face boils down to these 2 all-important habits: gentle cleansing and gentle moisturizing. I know enough to not miss a day on either of those! (Sun protection is important also, but a topic for another post.) Today I will concentrate on the latter: moisturizing. While there are various creams claiming to do this or that amazing thing for our complexions, I’m going to introduce to you Elly Bath and Body’s Facial Serum, with 100% natural ingredients. 

While using an oil on ones’ face may seem counter-intuitive, it’s truly not. You see, our skin is always trying to keep a lovely balance of naturally occurring oil. By our harsh cleansing methods, as well as the effects of the environment, we negatively impact that balance. When using an oil specially designed for the delicate facial tissue, we give the skin cells a helping hand. This reduces the stripping of the oils so that there is not an over-abundance of excess oil produced. Our facial oil contains argan oil, known to help promote skin elasticity and ward off acne, as well as sea buckthorn oil, which is high in vitamins and amino acids. I’ve blended even more nutrient-rich oils into our Facial Serum, which you can look into on your own. I don’t intend to make many claims here, but only get you started on your own thought-provoking research. 


Recommended Directions for Use: on cleansed and slightly damp skin, lightly massage and pat a few drops of oil onto face. (By blending with the droplets of water, you’re making somewhat of a “lotion” for your face.) Use the amount that feels appropriate for your skin type, concentrating on dry and delicate areas, such as around the eyes. Applying at night is lovely, as it gives your skin the chance to drink up the wonderful nutrients as it “rests” and “repairs”. I also massage a very small amount in the morning, after showering or splashing my face with fresh water. That is entirely up to you and you will discover within a few days of using what is right for your skin type. I give it a few minutes to soak in before applying my makeup. 

I feel it is important to note here that I have sensitive skin that is very prone to breaking out, and using this oil does not cause any problems for me in that regard. In fact, my skin is smoother and clearer than it has been in years. In addition, if I do breakout, I massage a little extra oil into it to help “break it up” and heal faster.

Some bonus uses for this oil is using it for cracked cuticles to encourage nail growth, as well as dry and split hair ends. It would also be an appropriate treatment of a scar.

Please feel free to ask questions! As stated before, I’m no expert but have many years of trial and error as well as much research completed on this subject.

Be beautiful!