Multi-use product spotlight: Wonder Balm

It's interesting how life changes one -- at 14, I couldn't get my hands on enough beauty and skin care products! And I had no thought about what was in them or what was going into my skin. I was all about the look and feel! Now, many years later, I still love a stop into Ulta or Sephora, with all kinds of pretty labels and colors on products, tempting me to try them and making me believe they'll "fix" my beauty flaws.

However, now I read labels. Every. Time. I am so much pickier about what goes onto my skin, knowing that most of it will be going into my blood stream! Over the last 5 years, I've done so much research into the cosmetic industry and learned about ingredients and what they are used for. I'm astounded at how many ingredients fill up a product that are not beneficial and how the advertised "aloe" or "argan oil" or "shea butter" ingredients are used in such small doses in the actual product. That's even the case in many (not all) well-known, and expensive, cosmetic lines! 

While I still love a good indulgent product now and then, I choose them carefully. But even still, I find myself this many years from my 14 year old self, preferring to add to my sink top and cabinet products that can do more, with less. We've all heard that phrase, "Less is more", right? Well, in many ways, I'm finding myself drawn to that in life, especially my beauty routine. I want to have fewer products with higher quality that can cover more ground. 

With that in mind, I've created a product we're calling Wonder Balm. It's a slightly altered version of a product we use to call Sunflower Shea Balm. We've filled it with ONLY ingredients that will benefit the user's skin. It's infused with herbs and flowers and all of them have been reported to heal, soothe and renew skin and hair. It has a lovely creamy consistency that easily softens as a finger is dipped into it. 

"What would I use it for?" you may be wondering. Good question! Use it for a baby's rash, or chapped skin. Use it for dry cuticles to encourage nail growth (the herb horsetail, which we've added to the Wonder Balm, is excellent for this!) Use it as an overnight hair mask/treatment (I did this last night -- slept with my hair in a bun, washed it this morning and have soft locks today!). Use it as an after-shave balm, or even as a pre-shave balm to soften the hair follicles. Use it as an night moisturizer for dry skin, or for itchy skin. Use it as a hand cream after washing dishes, or as a facial cleanser using the Oil Cleansing Method (more on that in another post).

You've got so many options with this product! It's 100% natural, and has a light floral/herbal fragrance. It contains nothing that it doesn't need and we haven't "watered down" all that good stuff! Give it a try, and let us know how you use it and what you like about it -- if you submit a testimonial (just shoot us an email), we'll send you a coupon code for a discount code for a future purchase!