Back in business.

Hi! I've officially re-opened the Elly Bath and Body website! It's been way too long and I apologize. Turns out, moving is a HUGE deal. Moving a family of 7 is even HUGER (I know that's now a word, but it's fitting for the point I'm trying to make). Moving several animals and 2 businesses with LOTS of "accessories" to go with said businesses is MONUMENTAL. Settling into a new home, offices, and communities is completely LIFE-ALTERING.

All that said, we're here, we're settling in, and we're chugging along. Not without some bumps along the way, but still moving forward. The kids are well, husband and I are healthy and we're up for the challenges life brings. 

We're happy to introduce to you our roll-on perfumes, available in 4 of our popular scents:


We also introduce to you our new Radiance body butter:

It's a lovely tropical coconut and guava fruit combination; fresh and uplifting.

Now that Elly is back in "business", visit the website and have a look around. If you see something you'd like is out of stock, don't hesitate to pop us a quick note through the contact form and let us know! We look forward to hearing from you and serving you in the future.

--Beth :)