A Mighty Warrior

Here at Elly Bath and Body, we are all about family. We are inspired by family, encouraged by family, and run by family. So it won't be unusual for many of my posts to be centered around family.

Just over a year ago, I had never heard of the television show American Ninja Warrior. I know, what rock have I been living under? I'm a little out of touch when it comes to certain aspects of media. So, never heard of it. Until, my brother from Kentucky, Marc Namie, sent me an email with a link to his audition video for the show. Although amazed at what he could do (climb a rope hand-over-hand, not using your feet? Who can do that??), I wasn't surprised that his latest venture would be something of this nature. After all, for as long as I can remember, my 14 months-older-than-me brother has been climbing with the prowess of a monkey. He labeled the back of a family photo in which he had climbed a tree the highest, "Me, climbing higher than the rest." ("Me" indicated him; "the rest" would be us siblings not so blessed with his physical agility).

Not surprisingly, he made it onto the show. My husband, kids and I, along with many of our other family members and friends, enjoyed the privilege of watching Marc compete in the Baltimore taping of the show. In the rain. And cold. In the middle of the night. Yes, I did say privilege. He was worth it! Uncle Marc took on a whole new level of "awesome" in my kids' eyes. It was a night to remember. Unfortunately, he ended up falling in the show's final competition in Las Vagas. But he was a winner in our eyes!

Fast forward to this year. He's sent in his audition video for American Ninja Warrior Season Six. We're waiting to hear if he makes the cut. My vote is he will. After all, he's served 3 tours of duty in the Middle East. He trains active members of our country's military. He's a committed husband, attentive father, supportive friend, loving brother and son, and all around great guy. He's got the support of his sweet wife and adorable 2 kids. To top it off, his name literally means "Mighty Warrior". How fitting. Yes, he's one mighty warrior, in more ways than one.

If you need some motivation for increasing your level of daily activity, you can watch his fun audition video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBabz_4zsAU . It could possibly cause you to break into a round of vigorous jumping jacks. Or drop down for a series of push-ups. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

So what do you say, should he be picked for a 2nd chance to earn the American Ninja Warrior title?

Marc Namie, "climbing higher than the rest" :) (Sorry, Marc -- I just couldn't resist!)

Marc Namie, "climbing higher than the rest" :) (Sorry, Marc -- I just couldn't resist!)