How to use the Oil Cleansing Method

A few months ago I started using a cleansing method on my face, which is very different from any that has been taught through the years – I started using the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM). I am hooked! I have been on a journey to take care of the skin on my face and gently coax it back into a better state. You see, I’m guilty of a few major “skin” felonies (gasp!!): 1) I pick at my skin when I break out (and have some scarring to prove it) 2) I haven’t always worn sun protection on my face (and have hyper-pigmentation to prove it) and 3) I have used too harsh of methods and products to try to clear and smooth my skin. 

However, I have to say, with this new and gentle routine, I am so pleased with how my skin has been looking lately and even begun to feel quite comfortable and confident without makeup! That may not be impressive to some of you natural beauties out there blessed with gorgeous skin. But for me, that’s a big deal!

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As I have used the Oil Cleansing Method, I have found my skin to be smoother, brighter and evenly toned. I used the method in combination with our Sea Salt and Clay facial soap, and also our Firm Face Cream for treatment of the skin under my eyes and on my forehead. First I will describe to you how the Oil Cleansing Method works (it’s very simple!) and then I will share my basic routine. 

For the OCM, I begin with dry hands and face. I apply 2-3 pumps of Deeply Nourish Serum to my fingertips and massage it gently onto my face. I do this for about 15 seconds, while the tap water is running and getting warm. Then I add some warm water to my fingertips and massage that into my skin, mixing it with the oil. The oil has worked to loosen dirt and makeup from my skin, and is now creating a “lotion-like” mixture on the surface of my skin. After about 30 seconds of massaging this into my face, I carefully splash warm water onto my face to rinse away the dirt particles and surface oils. I splash it at least 5 or 6 times. Then I gently pat my skin dry with a clean towel or wash cloth. At this point, my face is very soft and supple, even “dewy” looking. If your skin is very dry, you could use a tad more oil to press into the dry or tender areas. 

Here is where use of the other 2 products I mentioned (Firm Cream and Salt and Clay Soap) come in. After using the OCM described above, my skin is feeling quite moisturized. I allow a few more minutes for my skin to absorb the nutrients of the oil (I might brush my teeth, get dressed, etc. to use the time). Then I dab a small amount of Firm Face Cream under my eyes, on my forehead and around my mouth (anywhere I am fighting fine lines and wrinkles). That is usually what my evening routine looks like. 

I use the Salt & Clay Facial Soap in the shower – I just leave it there all the time. Whenever I take a shower, I wash my face with that soap. I create in my clean hands a really good lather and massage it into my face. I keep my face out of running water and leave the lather on it for about 1 or 2 minutes. I want to give the soap a chance to draw impurities out (the charcoal and clay do that) while the sea salt has a chance to help clear the skin and heal imperfections. When I get out of the shower, I lightly pat my face but leave a small amount of water. I add a drop or two of the Deeply Nourish Serum and massage it into my face, creating a light lotion on the surface of my skin. At this point, I could choose to dab on some Firm Face Cream for extra wrinkle defense, or just allow the oil a few minutes to penetrate before applying makeup. 

Simply put, I use the OCM when I wash my face at the sink, and I use the Salt & Clay soap when I wash my face in the shower. This way, I get the benefits that both products have to offer. And I supplement with the Firm Face Cream whenever and wherever I’m fighting wrinkles.

I hope this helps you understand a little more about gentle cleansing methods and how to use some of our products in tandem. Don’t be afraid to try the oil on your face, even if you have oily skin or are prone to breaking out. I am, and I know my skin has had less reactions to harsh and drying products and has broken out far less by using this routine. I am thrilled with the results thus far and hope you'll give it try! For more information on our Deeply Nourish Serum click here.

Be beautiful,

Beth :)

Using Facial Oil

First allow me a brief disclaimer: I am not a licensed aesthetician or a skin-care expert. 

However, maybe more appropriately, I’m a woman who has struggled through the years with various skin concerns for my face. I’ve been pimply, oily, dry and combination. And now I’m battling to keep the wrinkles at bay! I’ve used drugstore discounts and dermatologists’ finest. It’s not that I haven’t found something I’ve liked; I have. It’s just that I haven’t found something I’m willing to keep paying the price for, whether it be at the checkout counter or at home (staining linens, time-consuming, messy, etc.)

Throughout my journey, I’ve realized that caring for your face boils down to these 2 all-important habits: gentle cleansing and gentle moisturizing. I know enough to not miss a day on either of those! (Sun protection is important also, but a topic for another post.) Today I will concentrate on the latter: moisturizing. While there are various creams claiming to do this or that amazing thing for our complexions, I’m going to introduce to you Elly Bath and Body’s Facial Serum, with 100% natural ingredients. 

While using an oil on ones’ face may seem counter-intuitive, it’s truly not. You see, our skin is always trying to keep a lovely balance of naturally occurring oil. By our harsh cleansing methods, as well as the effects of the environment, we negatively impact that balance. When using an oil specially designed for the delicate facial tissue, we give the skin cells a helping hand. This reduces the stripping of the oils so that there is not an over-abundance of excess oil produced. Our facial oil contains argan oil, known to help promote skin elasticity and ward off acne, as well as sea buckthorn oil, which is high in vitamins and amino acids. I’ve blended even more nutrient-rich oils into our Facial Serum, which you can look into on your own. I don’t intend to make many claims here, but only get you started on your own thought-provoking research. 


Recommended Directions for Use: on cleansed and slightly damp skin, lightly massage and pat a few drops of oil onto face. (By blending with the droplets of water, you’re making somewhat of a “lotion” for your face.) Use the amount that feels appropriate for your skin type, concentrating on dry and delicate areas, such as around the eyes. Applying at night is lovely, as it gives your skin the chance to drink up the wonderful nutrients as it “rests” and “repairs”. I also massage a very small amount in the morning, after showering or splashing my face with fresh water. That is entirely up to you and you will discover within a few days of using what is right for your skin type. I give it a few minutes to soak in before applying my makeup. 

I feel it is important to note here that I have sensitive skin that is very prone to breaking out, and using this oil does not cause any problems for me in that regard. In fact, my skin is smoother and clearer than it has been in years. In addition, if I do breakout, I massage a little extra oil into it to help “break it up” and heal faster.

Some bonus uses for this oil is using it for cracked cuticles to encourage nail growth, as well as dry and split hair ends. It would also be an appropriate treatment of a scar.

Please feel free to ask questions! As stated before, I’m no expert but have many years of trial and error as well as much research completed on this subject.

Be beautiful!


Multi-use product spotlight: Wonder Balm

It's interesting how life changes one -- at 14, I couldn't get my hands on enough beauty and skin care products! And I had no thought about what was in them or what was going into my skin. I was all about the look and feel! Now, many years later, I still love a stop into Ulta or Sephora, with all kinds of pretty labels and colors on products, tempting me to try them and making me believe they'll "fix" my beauty flaws.

However, now I read labels. Every. Time. I am so much pickier about what goes onto my skin, knowing that most of it will be going into my blood stream! Over the last 5 years, I've done so much research into the cosmetic industry and learned about ingredients and what they are used for. I'm astounded at how many ingredients fill up a product that are not beneficial and how the advertised "aloe" or "argan oil" or "shea butter" ingredients are used in such small doses in the actual product. That's even the case in many (not all) well-known, and expensive, cosmetic lines! 

While I still love a good indulgent product now and then, I choose them carefully. But even still, I find myself this many years from my 14 year old self, preferring to add to my sink top and cabinet products that can do more, with less. We've all heard that phrase, "Less is more", right? Well, in many ways, I'm finding myself drawn to that in life, especially my beauty routine. I want to have fewer products with higher quality that can cover more ground. 

With that in mind, I've created a product we're calling Wonder Balm. It's a slightly altered version of a product we use to call Sunflower Shea Balm. We've filled it with ONLY ingredients that will benefit the user's skin. It's infused with herbs and flowers and all of them have been reported to heal, soothe and renew skin and hair. It has a lovely creamy consistency that easily softens as a finger is dipped into it. 

"What would I use it for?" you may be wondering. Good question! Use it for a baby's rash, or chapped skin. Use it for dry cuticles to encourage nail growth (the herb horsetail, which we've added to the Wonder Balm, is excellent for this!) Use it as an overnight hair mask/treatment (I did this last night -- slept with my hair in a bun, washed it this morning and have soft locks today!). Use it as an after-shave balm, or even as a pre-shave balm to soften the hair follicles. Use it as an night moisturizer for dry skin, or for itchy skin. Use it as a hand cream after washing dishes, or as a facial cleanser using the Oil Cleansing Method (more on that in another post).

You've got so many options with this product! It's 100% natural, and has a light floral/herbal fragrance. It contains nothing that it doesn't need and we haven't "watered down" all that good stuff! Give it a try, and let us know how you use it and what you like about it -- if you submit a testimonial (just shoot us an email), we'll send you a coupon code for a discount code for a future purchase! 

Doctors and Sunshine.

Before we even moved here, my husband and I had appointments with an endocrinologist . . . a doctor that specializes in the field of hormones, thyroid disease, adrenal disease, osteoporosis more. This isn't just any endocrinologist; I was thrilled to find Dr. Edwin Lee, of the Institute for Hormonal Balance, in Orlando. He takes health care to a whole new level by his careful attention to one's vitamin and mineral deficiencies and of course, hormonal imbalances. 

I have known for some time that I was due for a check up. But I wasn't up for going to just any doctor. As one might assume, I have a rather natural approach to health. I don't view my body as pieces of a whole but rather a complete picture where all parts are affected when one part is down.

I was not disappointed with waiting on an appointment to see Dr. Lee! He is very personable, knowledgeable, and thorough. I have found the books he's written to be quite interesting and I've been learning a lot! Our bodies are amazing and so complex! He's done a complete health profile on both my husband and I. One of the findings his lab work has turned up on me is a deficiency in vitamin D. Good thing we now live in the Sunshine State, huh??!! I guess I'll need a little more of this:

Seriously, guys -- I took this picture while sitting on Cocoa Beach on a day when my phone's weather app said it was "partly cloudy". Do you see any "partly" in this picture?? It was a beautiful day, as almost every day we've been out to the beach has been. And now that I know that I'm officially deficient in the vitamin provided by good, old fashioned sunshine, I will have to get out there a little more often; just what the doctor ordered! Yep, he's a good doctor. :)


Back in business.

Hi! I've officially re-opened the Elly Bath and Body website! It's been way too long and I apologize. Turns out, moving is a HUGE deal. Moving a family of 7 is even HUGER (I know that's now a word, but it's fitting for the point I'm trying to make). Moving several animals and 2 businesses with LOTS of "accessories" to go with said businesses is MONUMENTAL. Settling into a new home, offices, and communities is completely LIFE-ALTERING.

All that said, we're here, we're settling in, and we're chugging along. Not without some bumps along the way, but still moving forward. The kids are well, husband and I are healthy and we're up for the challenges life brings. 

We're happy to introduce to you our roll-on perfumes, available in 4 of our popular scents:


We also introduce to you our new Radiance body butter:

It's a lovely tropical coconut and guava fruit combination; fresh and uplifting.

Now that Elly is back in "business", visit the website and have a look around. If you see something you'd like is out of stock, don't hesitate to pop us a quick note through the contact form and let us know! We look forward to hearing from you and serving you in the future.

--Beth :)

Forever in our hearts . . .

This is new to me, this blogging thing. I have been mulling it over for quite some time. Two plus years, actually. My brother, Stephen, encouraged me to begin a blog. He sweetly believed that I had something to say that others may want to read. So here I am, finally giving it a go. But he's not here to cheer me on and laugh and cry over my posts with me. 

October 19, 2013 I received the call that left me on the floor in tears: my beloved oldest brother was gone. Gone from us and present with his loving Savior in heaven. It was sudden. Unexpected. And paralyzing. I adored him. Looked up to him. Leaned on him. Loved him. And I miss him terribly now. We didn't have enough time; I never expected to say goodbye so soon.

He was the mastermind behind all my graphics for Elly Bath and Body. We labored over all the designs together. I would suggest a broad idea, and he *got* it. Not only that, but he made all my ideas become beautiful works of art that I could never have come up with without his incredible creativity. He created this website for me; he worked late nights and early mornings and long weekends to help the dream I had of beginning this business become reality. I wouldn't be here without his help.

So now, 4 months after losing him, life continues. It hurts, living life without him. But my Lord gives strength to go on, and we begin enjoying again, moments little and big. Our memories warm us, cheer us. We laugh and cry and I hug my loved ones a little tighter, a little longer, never knowing how much time we each have. 

Here I am, finally finding the words to say how I loved him and how I miss him. I look forward to reuniting with him in heaven someday. For now, I write this blog . . . this journal to commemorate special moments in my life, my thoughts and ideas. It seems fitting to write about Steve for my first entry. He was the one who explained to me what a "blog" is! He expressed himself so graciously through words; I will strive to do the same. He was funny, creative, expressive and caring. I hope I can convey those qualities as well. Although he's no longer with us, he has left a mark of love in our hearts forever. 

I wish Steve was here to celebrate this tiny little milestone with me. (And fix my grammatical errors!)

Raymond Stephen Namie

Raymond Stephen Namie