While pursuing a more natural lifestyle for my husband, our 5 children and myself, I discovered how harmful many mainstream skin care products might be for our skin; that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them. Being a self-described “product junkie,” I began creating lotion, soap, body creams and balms for our family. I sought to combine my love for luxurious and lovely-smelling products with my passion for living clean and naturally. Elly Bath & Body, LLC slowly came to be as family and friends began requesting items after using what I formulated in my kitchen and loving what it did for their skin. Now we work together as a family to provide effective, natural and mostly organic skin care products that we ourselves use. We are dedicated to living naturally while living beautifully and strive to help others do the same!

Bethany Mauck
Elly Bath and Body, LLC      

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